Silicon Valley S4E5: Blood Boy

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“You dick, you dick, you dick,” exclaimed Jared(or Donald) at what can only be described as an Adonis pretty boy offered yet another humanizing moment for the lovable assistant. But, I’m not here today to discuss the developments on this week’s episode of Silicon Valley, aptly entitled “Blood Boy.” Rather, I want to take this opportunity to dive deeper into an obscure and chill inducing technology introduced thanks to Gavin Belson (Matt Ross)

What opens with a harmless discussion on the future rollout of Pied Piper’s new internet concept is quick interrupted by a perfect specimen of a man wheeling in conjoined set of Laz-E-Boys with some medical equipment propped up in the middle. We learn that the perfect human is Gavin’s transfusion assistant and he is responsible for transferring his younger, healthier blood into Gavin in an attempt to prolong his own youth.

Of course this put me down a rabbit hole – a dark, vampiristic rabbit hole.  It seems this “technology” exists in our current reality thanks to the Monterey, California based startup Ambrosia. Led by the Princeton educated Jesse Karmazin, Ambrosia offers 2L transfusions of plasma(blood with the blood cells removed) at the budget cost of $8K a pop.  The idea is the plasma rejuvenates your own aging blood and helps stave off the aging process.  Studies in mice have shown favorable results and Karmazin has brought this dark science to paying (and willing) human recipients.

A quick poke around Ambrosia’s website doesn’t offer much: a mundane statement regarding the start date, a scroll of clinical trials related to the science, and a pedestrian contact form.



So, if you’re bored after watching Silicon Valley(which airs Sunday evenings at 10PM EST on HBO) and looking for some light reading, check out the real life vampire cult being nurtured by Ambrosia.