Silicon Valley S4E4: Teambuilding Exercise

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“Chordle My Balls.”

Are there three words, when delicately crafted in sequence, send a more seismic tremor of laughter down your spine?

If you’ve been a fan of Mike Judge’s Silicon Valley, you already knew this phrase and like me, were probably elated to see its return on this week’s episode, Teambuilding Exercise.

So, this week we witnessed Richard teaming up with Gavin Belson, Jian-Yang’s Seefood app take a surprising twist, Bighead continue his tenure as a professor at Stanford, and Urlich in a yellow Corevette wearing a fedora. All of this is just minor details to what truly sets this episode apart: the in-jokes.

At this point in the season, I’m still trying to decide what the main story arc is: Richard’s new internet or Jian-Yang.  If you’ll remember from episode 3, Urlich improves a new app during a pitch meeting with Riviga, which he dubs the “Shazaam of food.” This is followed up by a live demo of the technology, which was haphazardly stitched together and the end result is software capable of identifying an object as either a hotdog or not hotdog. SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOIRLER ALETER: this bit is further ran to ground at the expense of the lovable Dinesh, who has had to pursue outside employment with Periscope/Twitter after PiperChats untimely demise. We close this episode out with Gilfolye(Martin Starr), basking in Dinesh responsibility of screening for male reproductive organs on Periscope, find pause on a particular specimen and revel in the realization that it was “not hotdog.”

Silicon Valley airs Sunday nights on HBO at 10PM EST.

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And if you need help identifying is something is a Hot Dog or Not Hot Dog…check out this app!

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