Short Reviews For Short Films: Tribeca Film Festival’s DeadBolt Program

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Tribeca Film Festival has officially closed up shop for this year and it was a hell of a time. One section of the festival that particularly stood out was the Dead Bolt Short Film Program. Not wanting to hog all that Tribeca had to offer I spread the wealth amongst my fellow Slack Jaws. Everyone was eager to watch the shorts until I dropped the bomb. The review had to be no longer than 3 sentences. Hence the name “Short Reviews For Short Films..”. This seemed like a great idea till I tried to write mine. What a pain in the ass..


 The Exit Room

Directed By Todd Wiseman Jr

Reviewed by Nik

The Exit Room keeps you on your toes with the whole seconds from death opening and the nasty kennel like detention center. As the movie progresses and the main character makes his way to where ever he is going. You cant help but think of a couple cliché endings as he nears his destination. Just when you think you’ve figured the conclusion out you get just that: a tired and cliché ending.

root of the problem

Root of the Problem

Directed by Ryan Spindell

Reviewed by Bryan

Root of the Problem is an effective film that makes you wonder what’s real and what’s imaginary during its short runtime. The set design made you feel like you were actually in a 50’s dentist office, but what struck me was the makeup effects and design. They were particularly impressive considering the budget, and Root of the Problem made for a fun genre short.

Honeymoon Suite

Directed by Zao Wang

Reviewed by Bryan

Werewolves are typically done poorly more often than well, but Honeymoon Suite was definitely the latter. Honeymoon Suite does something a little different and makes the werewolf actually have feelings and self-control during his transformation which I thought was an interesting spin. By the end of the 12 minutes, I was genuinely interested in these characters and wanted to know more of their back story.


Directed by Jason Mann

Reviewed by Pat

Delicacy takes the art of gastronomy to an outstanding new mythical level. A chef frustrated by his attempts to please a food critic offers him a hard to swallow yet orgasmic when accomplished appetizer made from unicorn. Well shot, written and acted they only unpalatable piece to this short is that it was a short; It was so good I wanted it to continue.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Directed by David Winkfield

Reviewed by Bub

A young girl is attacked by a creature after getting kicked out of her group home and heading to her drug dealing fathers flop pad. Sub par acting and lame SFX didn’t help this short being what it could have. Still an enjoyable watch that could have been better with a longer run time.

images (3)

AB –

Directed by Daniel Klein

Reviewed by Bub

After a horrific car accident our main character is assisted by paramedics who turn out to be not what we initially expected. This short felt less like a short and more a section of a featured film, but I’ll be damned if this didn’t grab my interest from the beginning.  Excellent acting and intriguing story left me with only one complaint: it was too short (guess that’s why they call um “shorts”).

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