Short Reviews For Short Films: Three Corpse Circus 2014

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Some might argue that horror plays better in short segments. Think about it. How many times have you said/heard: “That [Insert random horror flick] movie was great until the end jacked it up!” or “The first 20 minutes of [Insert random horror flick] was balls to the walls, then the movie shit the bed!” Okay maybe not those words exactly, but you get my point. It could be the reason why television shows like Twilight Zone or Tales From the Crypt hold up and still manage to deliver the goods all these years later.  I don’t know if I agree 100% with this theory or not, but I will say that 2014’s Three Corpse Circus (a primarily horror short film festival) has 40 plus shorts that make a strong case for this theory.  So here’s ten films that will be showing at this festival. Being the nice guy that I am decided to share the wealth with my fellow Slack Jaws and let them review the flicks. Only catch was they had to do so within 3 sentences. Hence the title “Short Reviews for Short Films”.


pity   Pity

   Director: John Pata

   Reviewed by Bub

Breaking up is never easy. John Pata delivers a glimpse of the inner demons we all battle after being dismissed by someone we love. Of course this battle isn’t so much inner and those demons are right outside that someones door.



Director:  Gerardo Herrero

Reviewed by Bub

Life is filled with choices. It’s almost impossible to live life with out ever second guessing our selves. Herrero showcases this self doubt in a beautifully shot short that reminds us that living in doubt can be just as dangerous as taking that leap.






Mack    Mack Blaster

    Directors:  Sebastian Utech and René Schweitzer

     Reviewed by Ben

“The Troma infused steampunk exploitation , with devil’s cut of sadism, set to German mariachi music film you always wanted.”


Stranger From Another Place

Director:  Garrett Leon Bleshenski

Reviewed by Ben

“A disturbing childhood lullaby of dream time terror.  Begging us to question: the difference between angelic and demonic. Poetic.”

vibrate     Vibraciones (Vibrate) :

     Director: Guis Brothers

     Reviewed by Pat

A married couple tries to rekindle their dwindling flame by exchanging gifts to each other. The twelve minutes are crammed packed with love, betrayal, lust and humor leaving you wanting more. Well written, shot and acted; Vibraciones defines what true love really is.



The Origin of a Myth: Alien Abduction :

Director:  Jason Petrovitch

Reviewed by Pat

The Origin gives a whole spin on alien abduction theory. Very funny, graphic and gross at times this short accomplishes a lot in its three minutes. So grab your tin foil hat and head to the barn it’s time to get abducted!



   Division Azul:

   Director:  Sergi Marti Maltas

   Reviewed by Jake

Two men enter…  I won’t spoil it for you, but I’ll describe it for you in a terrible pun.  World War fun.


The Heebie Jeebies:

Director:  Todd Slawsby

Reviewed by Jake

Everyone loves a scary story.  Every boy likes to torture their sister.  Like father like son.




safari   Safari

  Director:  Gerardo  Herrero

  Reviewed by Nik

Being a parent whose kid just started pre-school makes this short one that strikes a chord with me. Easily one of the most intense shorts I have ever watched and kept me glued to the screen. This is a must watch.




Director:  shinya kawakami

Reviewed by Nik

I’m not completely sure where this one was going. Probably something about keeping the spirit of the city alive but it kinda came of as corny. It had a nice “live action” studio ghibli vibe that I was into, but in the end kinda fell short.

Three Corpse Circus is running this week (Oct 2nd -Oct 5th)! To grab tickets and see the complete festival line up and schedule CLICK HERE.

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