SDCC Star Wars: The Force Awakens Recap

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Duff here…

You didn’t think we forgot to post something about the almighty Star Wars Panel at this years San Diego Comic Con did you?

Not only did JJ and the new cast role out, but Luke, Leia, and freaking Han Solo?! I mean Harrison Ford, gold 90’s ear ring in all in Hall H! Oh how, do I hate everyone that was there…


The highlight of the historic panel was a 3 1/2 min behind the scenes video. It was introduced by JJ Abraham and he made sure to point out the use of practical effects, real sets, and respecting the original trilogy- TAKE THAT GEORGE LUCAS!

One of the big reveals was seeing Simon Pegg in full on alien get-up, also the scope—this is truly epic. But don’t let me ruin it for you, see and judge for yourself:

Is this the Star Wars sequel we’ve longed for? Will there be a major character death? How does the Empire regain it’s strength? So many questions….December can’t come soon enough!

Bonus: You can watch the entire panel here:

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