Sam Raimis Oz and Army of Darkness One in the Same?

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So…….A YouTube video has just serviced posted by gamb link. Why you ask does it raise the eyebrows of us horror movie fans and those here at slackjawpunks that are especially Sam Raimi fans?  Well the video titled “I liked it better when it was called Army of Darkness” has striking similarities between Sam Raimis 1992 Army of Darkness and his 2013 Great and Powerful Oz. Both movies where directed by him so maybe that’s it? Maybe it’s because it’s a cookie cutter story line that works just swapping out the main characters?  Or maybe it just coincidence, a mix of all of the above, I’m sure having him direct both films doesn’t help the case. I agree with the gamb link Army of Darkness is far better than Oz. But you can judge for yourself.







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