Rodney Ascher’s The Nightmare Trailer is a … well… A Nightmare!

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Rodney Ascher has a lifetime pass here at Slack Jaw Punks. If you have seen Room 237 (an amazing documentary about the fan theories regarding Stanely Kubrick’s The Shining)  you understand why he has this pass. I will gladly fork over my hard-earned cash to see any of his films after seeing Room 237. Fortunately this time around Ascher doesn’t have to use his pass because his follow-up looks intense! Ascher decided to tackle a subject that is one of the most terrifying and awful thing that can randomly happen to any of us: Sleep Paralysis.He re-enacts actual accounts of sleep paralysis and word is this is one of the most frightening movies made. I’ve had sleep paralysis happen a couple of times and trust me it is horrifying. Take a look at the trailer below and keep checking back for more on this one!


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