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When I see the name Francesco Francavilla attached to title, I expect a lot from it.

I expect the best the medium as to offer.

Will Eisner’s The Spirit: The Corpse-Makers #1, is beyond my expectations. Francavilla, just might, be Eisner reincarnated. Seriously, he might have summoned dark forces to suck Eisner’s soul from the afterlife and have it take possession of his hand through this process. At least a goat and two chickens died during the production of this book; I’d put money on it!

The Corpse Makers, starts with getting frozen out of the case after the cops tell him it’s nothing but a dead hobo. This leads the Spirit to an observe a night off something he’s unfamiliar with. The down time does benefit his young driver by allowing him to meet up with his older cousin for some grub. The reunion is cut short when a pal of the older cousin summons him to take a ride…little does the Spirit’s sidekick know that his older cousin was recently patrolled and owes a few favors.

These favors set in motion not only a large bank heist, but The Spirit as well…

There’s a few more plot points and key details, but I’m not gonna give those away…you’ve got to buy the book.

The best way to describe this book is cinematic. It’s a Howard Hawks noir thriller starring James with a script by Frank Miller…it’s that good. I could hear every siren, every footstep, every breath, honestly one of the few books I’ve read recently that have been so cerebral.

Corpse Makers, is more than a tribute to Eisner’s talents and legacy, it’s a continuation. Francavilla’s spin breaths rare and emboldens his own legacy. The real question isn’t; “Is the Corpse-Makers are good comic?” That’s a given. No, the real question we should ask is; “will we be honoring Francesco Franacavilla, like Will Eisner a 100 years from now?”

Out on stand now!