Review: Valiant Comic’s BRITANNIA!

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Before I go any further…

Britannia is one of strongest debut issues of 2016. Next to Warlords of Appalachia and 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank, I haven’t been so excited for the following issue to hit this year.

Pull list? Heck yes. No question.

Ok, on with the review.

Set in Nero’s Rome, Britannia paints the saga of Antonius Axia, a Roman solider who posses the power of deduction. Axia is a complex anti-hero. He’s received the blessing from gods he doesn’t believe in, takes orders from an emperor he can’t trust, and fights only to protect his secrets.

After a serious of mysterious attacks, Ceaser ( Nero) orders Axia to the edge of the Roman Empire, Britain. Axia has been posted there before and is still haunted by the horrors of the magical isle. Nero, along with is high priestess, play dirty, forcing Axia to return.


Peter Milligan script is devastatingly good. It’s so through; dramatic, sensual, mysterious, action, and even humor-Britannia is a complete world, with fantastic characters. Nero is a riot, and steals every panel.

Writing is only 1/2 a comic, and the art half doesn’t falter. Drawn by Ninjak artist Juan Jose Ryp who just drops an equivalent of a comics artist nuke on this. I’ve read a number of Ninjak issues, all great, but Ryp is juicing on this one. Just glorious.

As I began, this one heck of an issue.

Britannia is the historical drama of Rome; the lust and blood of Spartacus; and the magic of Game of Thrones. I don’t know where the four issue campaign is going to take me, but I’m certain I won’t dare miss it.

Run to your local comic shop and pick it up.

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