Review: Transformers VS GI Joe The Movie : Official Comic Book Adaption

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Was I just transported back in time? Doc, did we hit 85?

Sadly, I was not thrust back into the 80s, the years of my youth. Being an 80’s kid, and this might sound like the opening to The Goldbergs, there were no two bigger properties than GI Joe and The Transformers for males between the ages of 6 and 12. The Turtles and Ghostbusters are close, but Joe’s and Transformers are kings on toy mountain.

I won’t unravel too much on nostalgia here, I’ve done enough of that before, just read any of my other reviews. But to say Transformers VS GI Joe isn’t like time travel too me would be a lie. IDW’s limited GI Joe VS Transformers series (John Barber, Tom Scioli) was not only of the most fun books in a long time, it was also extremely smart. While many I know didn’t care for Scioli’s art style, something I don’t understand, there was no denying the title rocked. If you didn’t catch it, I can best describe it as a the Joe and Transformers cartoons if they were created by Jack Kirby on acid.

Speaking of not catching that first rodeo, that’s why this comic exists, or at least one of the reasons. The main reason is fulfill my childhood slumber stories, or at least I think it is. What Scioli does is take the best parts of the series, cuts it up and pieces it together like a demented surgeon into a slick Hollywood film adaption. Baller right?

While this comic won’t settle the conflict in the Middle East or cure AIDS, it will put a smile on your face! Out now!

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