Review: THE X-FILES Game from IDW Games

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It just felt fitting to review the X-Files from IDW during the X-Files revival currently happening on Fox. Two episodes in, and I’m vested. Not to say they’re aren’t bumps, but I’m optimistic they can be ironed out.

First off, they deluxe board game is a blast to play. I liked how you can either fulfill the role of Cigarette Smoking Man or Fox , Scully, Skinner or Krycek. Also it I liked how each age had a special ability. Second, the detail and love of the series is completely on display here. This was defiantly crafted for fans, by fans and it shows. You really feel like you’re part of the conspiracy.

GAME OVERVIEW: Essentially, the FBI X-Files crew against the Syndicate chief agent the Cigarette Smoking Man. One player takes on the role of ole’ smokey, while the others play the parts of Mulder, Scully, etc…The goal is to find the truth before the Syndicate covers it up.

GAME PLAY: I won’t go into the what you do on our turn and stuff like that, it’d take too long. But I’ve attached a pdf of the instruction to give you a better feel. Basically, if you’re an agent you draw cards, tokens, etc. to help solve the case, and if you’re in the role of CMS you do the opposite of that. This game isn’t meant for the novice, the game play is defiantly unique. Won’t say that you can’t learn to play the game, not by any means, just that it’s meant for a player who’s been around the board a few trips. It took me a few times to really get the hang out it. As for the number of players, felt natural at 4 players (one CSM and 3 agents), the box says up to 5 but I think an extra hand would slow down the game play too much. The game is recommended for ages 13+, I’d probably say at least 15. Most of the 13 year old’s I’ve met recently are morons, so maybe I’m biased.

CONSTRUCTION: This is a primo game. The board is heavy cardboard, as our the playing pieces. User cards are of good stock as well, with a matte gloss finish.

ARTWORK: Outstanding. Artwork is provided by menton3 (Memory Collectors, The X-Files: Seaon 10), and he kills it. The X-File, Agent, and Syndicate cards brought back fond memories of the show with each turn. Also, really dug the illustrations in the back of the instructions.

OVERALL: I’ll never be accused of being a strong or avid gamer, but this is one I could defiantly waste some time playing. The game has a ton of variables and each path to victory was unique; something you don’t see in every game. But for me, the biggest selling point is that I adore the X-Files and love every aspect of its cloak and dagger world. The only downsides were it took a few go’s to really get the game play. Like I said it’s not difficult, but it does require you to use some brain energy. Also it does help that everyone playing be interested in the X-Files. I could see if you weren’t into the series it wouldn’t be as fun.

As I stated above this game is a blast once you understand it and get rolling. The truth maybe be out there, but it’s at least a little closer with X-Files the game. Available now!


Link To Instructions Here.