Review: THE LOST BOYS #1

Let’s venture back to Santa Carla, California, the back drop for the 1987 cult classic vampire flick, The Lost Boys! Vertigo Comics picks up right where the movie left off: Sam is working in a comic shop, Michael in an old folks home, Emerson is training the Frog Brothers and the quiet coastal town is blood sucker free.

The Lost Boys #1 brings readers up to speed with what has been happening since the vampire den of David was destroyed by Sam and the Frog Brothers, saving Michael from a lifetime of neck biting. We are also treated to a look into the Santa Carla Hunters Union(SCHU), the secret organization taxed with protecting the community from supernatural predators – which lately has turned to nothing more than a neighborhood watch. A few panels later, we meet up with the Frogs as they trick an unsuspecting Sam behind the comic shop. After some playful banter, a badly injured Emerson stubbles in, explaining how the meeting of the SCHU was ambushed…and we’re left with a panel of a very familiar foe: DAVID!

The Lost Boys is written by Tim Seely with the creative talents of Scott Godlewski, Tony Harris and Joelle Jones. Issue #1 is available today so make sure to pick it up from your local comic book shop and add it to your pull list! If you’re a fan of the 80s movie, this book is sure to delight.

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