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TV’s loss is gain comic fans! Joe Hill’s reboot attempts of Tales From The Darkside landed on deaf ears over at the CW. Guess it didn’t have enough spandex or second tier superheroes in it for them. Luckily, the good souls at IDW stepped in to save the project just for us horror geeks!

Hill’s Darkside retell(with adaption from Michael Benedetto) will cover 4 issues with different fables, but common elements, loosely connecting the anthology. Issue one, focuses on good time loving Ziggy. Ziggy’s life takes a turn for the worse when he doses off while lusting after his gal during the his life guard shift resulting in the death of a swimmer. His affluenza shines after his rich mommy get him off of manslaughter charges. Unlike, rapey-mc-rapperson at Stanford, Ziggy feels remorse, resulting in sleep deprivation. On a rare outing, he’s shocked when anyone that looks him in the face or even in his presence fall asleep. Needless to say this makes conversation a little tough. With the aid of a mask from a Shakespearian tragedy, he starred in, he’s able to get to his girlfriend. Unfortunately, he’s met there by the grieving husband of the dead swimmer and his glock…It doesn’t end there, and there’s no way I’m gonna tell you what happens next. Buy the comic!

Benedetto does a fabulous job adapting Hill’s telaplay here, or at least that’s what I believe because the product is really stellar. It doesn’t hurt that Hill compadre and Locke & Key co-creator Gabriel Rodriguez is in charge of art duties. By this stage in the game, In Gabriel We Trust is a comic rule. I’ve yet to see a phoned in panel from this guy.

Hill’s version does a nice job of keeping with the original series’ dark sense of justice and humor. Tales, I always felt was the Twilight Zones older cousin, a little more naughty and twisted but from the same tribe. This issue, definitely feels like it belongs in the classic Tales canon, while the setting may be more modern, the emotions could be from any age.

While I’m a little teary, that a TV reboot (someone call Netflix) of Tales From The Darkside didn’t occur. This comic does a nice job of drying those tears and turning a frown upside down. You’d be a fool not pick this one up!