Review: String Divers

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String Divers is a fantastic exploration of science, adventure and mayhem developed deep in the sub-conscience of madmen artist Ashely Wood (Zombies VS Robots). 

Hatched from Wood’s 3A Toy’s Spring Divers is a blend of 60’s sci-fi movies, Michael Crichton, and Jules Verne.  

Providing the script to this physics in fused experiment is Chris Ryall, who do-created ZVR with Wood.  Judge Dredd artist, Nelson Daniel provides the art. Along with Wood, this is a superb creative team, and it shows. 

The story involves a team of androids, each possessing distinct skills, and color, that can be shrunken down to fight on a microscopic, biological level. They are collectively referred to as string divers. Controlling the primarily colored team are group of engineers and scientists. 

Talk about nerd stuff, right? 

I’m not going to get into plot, you just have to trust me it’s cool. I will say it’s original, and refreshing. 

String Divers, is a unique gem of a comic. Original, smart, and thoroughly entertaining. Don’t pass this one up! 

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