ROM, space knight entrenched in the interstellar hunt for Dire Wraiths, has found his way to Earth. For 200 years, as a member of the Solstar Order, the Elonia native son has tried to stop the destruction of planets from these vile creatures. ROM: Revolution #1 leads into the events of Revolution #1 (also released this month by IDW) as our hero is in pursuit of a being calling itself Axion.

The events of Revolution bring together some of the biggest name properties in the IDW stable: Transformers, M.A.S.K., G.I. Joe, ROM, the Micronauts, and Action Man(seriously, no Ghostbusters?!) The events of Revolution #1 leave off with G.I. Joe mounting a full court press against the Autobots following an explosion on Mount Olympus, which is believed to be tied to the mysterious mineral, Ore-13.

Rom: Revolution #1 gives us the insight and background to start putting the piece together on how we arrived at the point just following Mount Olympus attack. SPOILERS AHEAD: Rom has engaged Axion, which cannot be identified as either human or Dire Wraith. Through this book, we learn about a small technology startup developing an enhancement suit which has just been bought by a government agency lead by Joe Colten – YES! That Joe Colten; the original G.I. Joe! After his first tussle with Axion, Rom points his attention to tracking down Colten for more answers to defeating Axion.

If the idea of Rom: Space Knight facing off “with” Optimus Prime and the G.I. Joes doesn’t get your nerd senses tingling, skip this book. If you have a pulse and love Rom and big comic book over sweeping events, PICK THIS BOOK UP! So far, the Revolution story arc is off to a strong start and has me anxiously awaiting the next issues. Get to your favorite local comic dealer today and get these books on your pull list.