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I’m cheating a bit here because I still have a few issues left to droll over to finish up the epic Revolution event, that Revolutionaries jumps off from, but if I don’t get a review out Bub won’t tell me where my family is…

So here we go…

I don’t want to spoil the end of the Revolution for those folk (like me) that a bit behind, but let’s say some like Jack Burton they shook the heavens. The Joe’s have been reformed, MASK is mobilized, Action Man is back, the Micronauts found earth and the Transformers saga ads yet another layer. While the threat of Revolution has been defeated, it doesn’t mean danger doesn’t linger. In fact it might more dangerous, because now, danger lacks a central command and swells from multiple cracks of the universe.

These new evils demand the a team of professionals to intercept their plans, luckily CYBERTRONIAN’s Kup and Blackrock, allow with GI Joe leader MayDay, and Action Man himself are free and up to the task. Series creators John Barber and Fico Ossio have said most issues will consist of a guest team almost every issue, and issue #1 features ROM the Space Knight in a prominent role. From the sounds of it, Revolutionaries will act as the “Scooby Doo Meets…” entry of IDW’s ever-expanding Hasbro universe.

Barber is no stranger to the Hasbro universe, and for me, him and Larry Hama are the gold standard of Hasbro comics. Fico’s art continues to impress, much like the Revolution mini-series, his art just pops, especially when it’s bathed in the 80’s Saturday Morning cartoon colors of Sebastian Cheng.

Revolutionaries, is a guilty pleasure read for sure, but if they’re room on your pull list, you could do a lot worse. Issue #1 is pack full of action from page 1 and the promise of monthly team ups are a big plus. For myself, though, the biggest hook here is just how fun it was reading it. Seriously, it’s like a time machine back to the 80s, minus the anti drug PSAs and mullets, but other than that: time machine.

Out on stands now! Pick it up at your local comic shop!

(Bub, can you please tell me where my family is now?)

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