Review: LUCAS STAND #1

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Born from the ashes of a failed TV pitch, Kurt Sutter’s Lucas Stand is a genre bending supernatural thriller. Sutter, best known for his Shakespearean tinged motorcycle drama Sons of Anarchy, brings the big guns of his writing arsenal here. Focusing on PTSD stricken military vet Lucas Stand, whose re-entrance into civilian life has been less than smooth. Relying on booze and pills to cope, Stand’s devil-may-care attitude turns deadly. After a rough day at his meaningless mall security gig, he gets loaded at his favorite watering hole. On his drunken drive back home, he road-rages while passing a cars and trucks. It isn’t until he’s back in his crummy apartment that he realizes the consequences of his actions. Across the boob-tube, the faces of a family that were recently killed by an unknown drunk driver. Facing the possibility of jail, his already broken mind suggests suicide…Stand heart and hand are only too happy to help…and this where it gets weird…

I don’t want to spoil too much but let’s say a demon named Gadriel dressed as R Lee Ermy from Full Metal Jacket shows up. He makes a Stand a deal, which sends him back to Nazi Germany to aid in a capture of the loose demon assailant , and a bunch of other crazy stuff…freaking cool eh?!

As I said before, Sutter and co-writer Caitlin Kittredge draw from a lot of influences here. Quantum Leap, Hellblazer, countless horror flicks, and ever his own work on SOA and the Shield. Lucas Stand is cut from the same cloth as Jax Teller, just a dark, deeper cut of threads. Stand’s PTSD adds depth to his anti-hero pedigree.

Stand is brought to life by artist Jesus Hervas, whose noir-ish realism balances the crazier parts of the story. His dark, bold lines are jarring. Stand’s world is like a wore leather jacket; cracked, faded but you wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s lived in, has scars, maybe some blood—it’s familiar and kin.

I had a crackerjack time reading Lucas Stand, and I’ve added it to my pull list. The pulp dialogue, time traveling, demons and angels, tough guy thing are just too much for his guy to ignore. On stands now.

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