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Despite my affinity for superhero tales, my true comic book passion is pulpy adventure/monster books. I’ll take Conan, Godzilla over tights any day, (expect for maybe Batman). These larger than life characters, the grand escapades, nothing beats it.

So when Boom Studios announced a Kong prequel if you will with Kong of Skull Island I got as jazzed as an Amish man who build his first buggy. Now friends, I can tell you this level of “jazz” has not subsided. No. James Asmus and Carlos Magno’s Kong of Skull Island is pulp tour de force !

Big exotic locations! Ancient mystic tribes! Blood thirsty gods! Backstabbing! Volcanic mountains! Prehistoric Dinosaurs! And a whole army of Kongs! Like $50 an hour escort this books hits all the sweet spots.

Writer James Asmus(All-New Inhumans) and artist Carlos Mango (Planet of the Apes)craft a comic so strong Kong creator Merian C. Cooper would personal hand them a victory cigar. Can’t recommend it enough.

Check out this artwork:


Issue 1 of 6 is out today!

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