Review: Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2 #1

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The second part of Mark Millar’s Jupiter’s Legacy hits stands today. Of course, Jupiter’s Legacy was a the second part of Jupiter’s Circle so it’s all just a bit confusing. All star artist Frank Quitely, is once again along for the adventure.

If you haven’t read any of Jupiter’s Saga, you just take a moment this weekend and go to your comic shop and snag it. While I’ve enjoyed Legacy much more than Circle; it’s still a solid read and ads a great deal of back story to Legacy. Circle is very golden/silver age-ish. While I dug the Watchmen like take on the superhero myth–it just didn’t resonate with me as strongly as Legacy has. Just something about bratty kids, I guess! Both series are fascinating though, despite my inclination towards the saga’s second act.

At the end of Legacy’s first volume (spoilers ahead), Sheldon Sampson aka Utopian meets his end at the hands of his own son (Brandon) and brother(Walter); forcing Sheldon’s screw-up of a daughter Chloe, her ultra powered son Jason, and Hutch the boy’s father is forced into hiding. Walter and Brandon with the help of the world’s governments set up Nazi like superhero empire and hire former supervillain Barnabas Wolfe to hunt and kill unmarked superheroes, with a special emphasis on Chloe, Jason, and Hutch. The first volume ends with Chole, now clean and sober, mommy-bearing the life out of Wolfe and his henchmen.

Millar and Quitely, take on huge issues like immigration, gender roles, drugs, the proper use of force, police states, and a bunch of other hot button topics. There’s also a lot of pulpy stuff at play, and it helps balance some of the weightiness to it.

So that brings us to the second half of the tale…issue 1 is all action. The best way I can describe it is like those scenes in Ocean’s 11 where Clooney is picking out his team for the big heist. Only this is Chloe and Hutch are spanning the globe to find all the old supervillains, bring them together to overthrow Walter and Brandon and the other Brownshirts superheroes. Millar like he has so often in his career asks us how thin is the line between hero and villain?

It’s a terrific set up, even if we’ve seen it before, it’s just so classic. Quitely and colorist Sunny Gho who takes over for Peter Doherty are the real hero’s here, though, the panels are gorgeous. I felt that Quitely’s art got better each issue in the first volume, seriously, ever issue better than the previous one. So he’s off to amazing start…the best issue of the series so far. Gho continues the lifelike palette set by Doherty, just stunning.

Jupiter’s Legacy Vol.2 #1, blisters at 98°C! I can’t wait to see this series hit boiling point!

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