Review: Joe Pera Finds You The Perfect Christmas Tree

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“It’s December 9th and I still don’t have a [Christmas] tree. My life is falling apart.” Pera stats half way through his Adult Swim Christmas Special which airs this Friday night. Not only the dilemma Joe faces in the special, but hearing him say it his trademark low speak it’s hilarious.

Pera, if your unfamiliar with his standup, is a bird of different feather all together. The closest breed of comedian that comes to mind is Steven Wright but Pera’s sarcasm more reserved. Pera stats that he may remind you of your grandfather which may be true for some. To yours truly, Joe is doing the best impersonation of any NPR host ever-doesn’t matter what city-they all sound the same.

In the special, set in Northern Michigan, Pera is a middle school teacher gearing up for the annual winter concert and on the hunt for that perfect Christmas tree. As he puts it the perfect tree is like kicking a field goal at the Big House for Michigan against Michigan State. Bring home the Paul Bunyan! Joe, as you can imagine also has trouble finding love.

Joe Pera Finds You The Perfect Christmas Tree, like his other Adult Swim special Joe Pera Talks You To Sleep, is destined to find a strange but dedicated following. It’s snowy blend of Charlie Brown innocence, Christopher Guest, ugly sweaters and midwestern charm — so basically fantastic.

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