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Before you run off to Independence Day Resurrection, take 90 minutes to watch The Asylums Independents Day. Directed by Sharknado 3 & 4 director of photography Laura Beth Love, this Independence Day knock off, might be short on budget but not on fun.

Featuring a cast of relative unknowns, Independents focus’ around the newer Vice President Raney, who becomes president after an alien ship destroy’s The White House killing the commander-in-chief. Raney and her family are then whisked away to a secret bunker where the top military and geek minds are plotting the next moves.

In a strange turn, the alien warships instead of burning the US to crisp want the good people to board their carry ships to be taken back to the mothership. They say this is will save the human race from an impending doom, other than themselves. As a token of kindness they heal any human that’s sick; starting with the President’s son who has muscular dystrophy.

Luckily for us viewers, this kum-by-ya crap is broken up when a band of red state militia members attacks one of the alien horde. Good thing we can still own AR-15s, right? What would we do in an Alien takeover situation?

I won’t delve too much deeper into the plot, cause this is an Asylum film after all. Do we really care about the ins and outs? No we want the cheese! I can say it involves recovering a dead alien, hooking it up to a computer and reading it’s mind. Also the newbie president will make a big discuss that could cost the lives of millions of people. Furthermore, aliens have really bad allergies, who knew!

Independents Day does have a dribble, but not a drop…it’s fondue make from skim milk. The acting and the script provide most of the yucks here. Unlike many of the Asylum pictures, the special effects hold up nicely. The alien war tech is pretty solid, not ID4: Resurrection quality, but better than most SYFY films in the same budget realm.

Where director Laura Beth Love’s film is at is best is during the aerial flight scenes. There are several “talkie” scenes that were a bit draining to watch, but I can’t blame that on the her…the script just pack enough punch. As you guys know, I love this genre of film, so it’s a bit tough to critique a film that by its very nature is supposed to be a sillier knockoff of a bigger, more successful film. Know what I’m saying?

That said…

I had a good time with this film. Did I love like a Bermuda Tentacles or one of the countless Bigfoot ones? Sadly, no. I did love the face that all the bmovie stereotypes are here; rookie do gooder president, gun-toting ex military guy outside the law, computer geeks, predictable alien, backstabbing self-serving politicians, and the list goes on. As I said before, Independents’ Day is a nice warm up to ID4:Resurgence.

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