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GIJOEv4_01_covAWhen I saw IDW was going to release a 4th GI Joe series, I didn’t pay much attention. Sure, as a male child growing up in America, especially one that grew up in the 1980’s, GI Joe holds a special place with me. But I’ve always found the comic book series kinda silly.

That was until I read the synopsis for the new series… A Joe series set in the now, COBRA is a peacekeeping unit, the GI’s are disbanded or working as private contractors. International politics reign supreme…..hmmmm, my ears are open….

The story starts almost 6 years since the previous series has ended, this have changed.

Not only is COBRA a peacekeeping force, but they are in full pre 1939 Nazi mode. They are recruiting and brainwashing future COBRA leaders. On the home front, the Joe’s are down and out. They are also being torn a new one by the boys on Capital hill, only Scarlett seems to give a hoot. There is a rising crisis in Eastern Europe…with one side clearly in control.

The book written by Karen Traviss (Star Wars, Halo, tons of military fiction), has set up a very interesting plot. It feels more Tom Clancy/ Bourne than straight up GI Joe. The art by long time Joe artist Steve Kurth is subtle, retro, and washes away the Hasbro cartoon look away.

This was a very refreshing take on the series. I am more than willing to give issue 2 a go!

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