Review: Ghostbusters Get Real #3

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It only seems right to review a Ghostbusters comic in celebration of the Slack Jaw Punks crew being able to man a live Q&A at Michigan Paracon with Winston Zeddemore himself, Mr. Ernie Hudson!

On to the review!

Ghostbusters Get Real #3 is just a delight to read, honestly. It’s a easy trip down memory lane that doesn’t disappoint.

If you’re unfamiliar with the mini-series, I’ll recap: Peter, Ray, Winston and Egon from the kid friendly late 80’s The Real Ghostbusters cartoon show are sucked into this dimension and have to team with their-selves from this realistic plain of reality, a little grumpier, a little more jaded, and believes that there no friendly ghosts out there. Double the ‘Busters, Double the Fun!


I won’t get too much into the plot, since this the third out of a four issue miniseries, but like the recent Ghostbusters/TNMT mini series, each issue builds to a what I’m sure will be a very satisfying conclusion. Just like in the that series, the main hurdle for the respected teams is to get everyone in the proper dimension without bringing about the end of the world. (Normal stuff for these guys). There’s also a side plot involving another different Ghostbusters team in the near future batting an ancient evil. I’m certain it will wrap in nicely to the conclusion of this story or maybe it’s a pre-curser to something from the upcoming Ghostbusters Annual hitting shelves in October. Hmmmmmmm….

It is impossible to talk about IDW’s Ghostbuster’s without mentioning it’s superb creative team, and this one will be on exception. Writer Erik Burnham, Artists Dan Schoening, and Luis DelGado continue to put everything into this series. Every detail, every nuance of these characters we love. They haven’t just created a “new” Ghostbusters story, they’ve continued the franchise and built on it. Each line, action, arc just feels so natural, and that is a tough thing to do with these film to comic transactions. That being said, I can’t wait to see what they do with Back to the Future…oh my!

Ghostbusters Get Real #3 is most fun I had this #NewComicBookDay, and my bet it will be yours as well!
Pick it up!

Oh, and that Q&A with Ernie Hudson will be up soon, I promise.

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