Review: Ghostbusters #20 Last Issue!

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It’s with heavy heart that I scribble this down…

GB-NEW20-coverSUBIDW’s popular Ghostbusters series is ending. I have read the last issue. Before I give you my humble take; let me tell you what a pleasure this series has been.

I have not hidden my love for all thing Ghostbuster, non for this comic. Erik Burnham’s scripts are always top-notch. Not only does he keep these beloved characters true to the films but breathes new experiences into them. The jokes are always fitting and witty. Dan Schoening’s art is superb and the colors by Luis Delgado are illuminating. The comic is perfect blend of the film franchise and the beloved animated series.

Again sadly it is ending…but it’s going out on a high note.

The Mass Hysteria arc has been fantastic, each part building, and building into more and more busting fun. All our old friends have returned Dana and Oscar Barrett, Louis Tulley, Stay Puft, Gozar, Vigo, Silmer, and others for the battle to end all battles for our beloved heroes. It was an extremely fitting 30 anniversary present to us fans.

I won’t give any spoilers. You have to read this book. What I’ll say is…
This final part, part 8 for those keeping track, isn’t the most exciting of the 8 parts but does conclude the story nicely. Reportedly Burnham had to adjust the storyline at the last second once they found out IDW was ending the series. I have to say it does seem that way, and this final part serves as more of an epilogue than anything else. Oh, and the very ending…it’s so good, it just makes you smile.

But man am I gonna miss these zany adventures…fingers crossed that the Ghostbusters/ TNMT crossover coming out next month will fill the marshmallow shaped void in my heart.

There’s a few variant covers for the final book.The Silmer one by T-Rex Jones is really slick. Pick this book up, or pick up the Mass Hysteria back issues. The first 4 parts are in a really nice trade books. Get it! Read it! Thank me!

P.S. I’ll be bringing you an exclusive interview with Dapper Dan Schoening himself shortly. We’ll be talking Ghostbusters, Ninja Turtles, and everything in between. Stay tuned!

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