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Curious what millennials in Peru do on spring break? Well, it turns out the not that much different from American brats. They go to resorts, drink beer, skinny dip, have relations, and get killed by ancient evil spirits. The usual.

FACE OF THE DEVIL or La Cara Del Diablo is Spanish-speaking horror flick from the fine country of Peru directed by Frank Pérez-Garland. It features a solid young cast of actors I wouldn’t dare to pronounce for sake of embracing myself and offending the South American country. It’s worth a mention, Vania Accinelli, in the lead role as the cute by odd girl with a crazy secret does a nice a job. Though her characters turn is obvious, she gives it her all.

The set up of FACE OF THE DEVIL is pretty generic by horror standards. Group goes off to get their drink on, one of them has a messed up past, creepy inn keeper, demon in the forest legend…you know what happens. Seriously, haven’t we learned by now that if you have a friend with a dead mom that was possessed by the dark one…you should took at a new social circle. Anyways.

I don’t speak Spanish, (angry white guy), and if I didn’t know Diablo means Devil (thanks WWF!), I’d think La Cara Del Diablo means 20-somethings standing around in pools. Honestly, almost his entire film takes place in a pool. Or if not a pool then the river, or it’s raining. Not that it doesn’t look beautiful, Peru is gorgeous and it shows. FACE OF THE DEVIL is very attractive to look at, especially the cast, unfortunately it’s not enough to stay intrigued, at least for me. Which is sad cause I really wanted to like this flick.

If you enjoy Latin cinema or if you’re hankering the taste of “horror-light” give FACE OF THE DEVIL a pour, but for this old guy, if it’s horror I want a darker, heavier brew.

FACE OF THE DEVIL is out on DVD in the UK, not US release date yet.


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