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Every now and then you stumble upon a low-budget indie horror flick that despite its lack of funds, sticks the landing and impresses. Blair Witch, Father’s Day, of course come to mind and to a lesser extent Killer Party (out now). Unfortunately, the Canadian made horror outing Dark Cove is not one.

Shot on a micro budget of $25k, Dark Cove aims to make its mark in the bad things happen while camping genre. The plot centers around five college age friends who decide to rough it in unfamiliar terrain on a remote Vancouver Island. While the campers may have forgotten common sense they did not forget their drugs and hormones. Big surprise! Things soon afterward turn ugly and a weekend of bad choices and bro-ing down soon turns into murder.

The action picks up when they befriend a gang of Euro-bro surfers who have a taste for free weed and dumb college girls. After smoking some herb, two of the surfer bro’s ends up dead after attempting to rape one of the female members of the camping party. This leaves the rest of the group on coverup detail. Oh, the hijinks!

I tend to give indie filmmakers the benefit of the doubt, but the lack of originality here is impossible to overlook here. If it wasn’t for the coastal scenery, Dark Cove would be almost impossible to watch. I wanted to root for director/star Rob Willey and his cast because I love these low-budget outings, but alas…

If you still want to check this out this cinema grease spot, you can find it on VOD. Personally I’d wait until Lifetime rehashing it under the title “Don’t Take Your Drug Dealer Camping.”

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