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Late last week, on my favorite time waster and social network, Twitter, I declared Capital C was one of the best documentaries I had viewed this year.  I was quickly called out out by Bub, saying it was the only documentary I had watched this year. Not true, I’ve watched at least a dozen- mostly about Nazi’s and stolen gold strangely enough. 

Capital C takes a compelling look at the phenomenon of crowdfunding. If you’re like me, it’s tough not to receive an email in the inbox asking to support a Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Personally, I have only backed one crowdfunding project, it was a documentary about kids with autism. Why haven’t I backed more you ask. It’s Not because I don’t trust the process or believe in the product or ideas, it’s just I haven’t. No real reason. Honest. That said, going forward I might back more. 

But this documentary isn’t about about cheapskates like yours truly; it’s about dreamers, it’s about go big or go homers…and pitfalls that lay hidden on their road to Nirvana. 

Following three entrepreneurs, each at different stages of their ambitions; video game creator Brian Fargo, playing card designer Jackson Robinson, and lifestyle can koozie guru Zachary Crain.

  • Fargo, has had great success in corporate gaming, but that was back in the late 80’s. Striving to bring about a sequel to his popular game Wasteland, he gambles on crowdfunding as a last resort. Is the demand for Wasteland real. Or did the studios make the correct call. 
  • Jackson, a graphic designer, still in the glow of the  shocking success of his first Kickstarter. Weighs the hard decision if the toil on his young family is worth the potential life altering reward of launching another campaign. 
  • Crain, and is Freaker USA  brand have already achieved a great level of success thanks to an energetic band of supporters , but like that success has brought challenges; competition from a nationally recognized brand.  Also like many startups, funding is always an issue. Forcing the idealist Freaker USA to entertain offers from unwanted business partners. Can Zach and his tribe survive without losing control of their business and can they continue their path without having to alter their compass. 

For 90 minutes, German filmmakers Jørg Kundinger and Timon Birkhofer, guide us through each subjects road less taken. The trek is entirely fascinating!  It should be noted Capital C itself was crowdfunded, raising over $80,000. 

So why did I call this one of the best documentaries of the year…Capital C, isn’t just about this social and economically bending hurricane we baptized as crowdfunding. No it’s larger than that. It’s about connections, connecting people to ideas, to hopes, and ,yes, to can koozies. Believing there is a raw element in each of us to create, Capital C , dumps fuel on it till the point of combustion. 

Currently available on VOD.

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