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Sometimes a dumb movie is what you need. Bubba The Redneck Werewolf is a dumb movie.

If you just read that, you’d say this guy must think this movie really sucks! You’d be wrong friend. I ate this movie up like a fat kid visiting a Golden Corral for the first time.

Bubba is simple hillbilly loser who gets pushed around at his job, his local watering hole, and most importantly the girl (Bobbie Jo) of his dreams. By chance, Satan, whom is mistaken as a lawyer, shows up to comfort Bubba after his latest embarrassing episode with Bobbie Jo. The prince of darkness offers Bubba a chance at scoring with Bobbie Jo in exchange for his soul. Bobbie Jo’s hot, so, done deal.

When Bubba wakes up in the morning he notices he’s no longer a wimpy buck tooth nobody, he’s now a freaking werewolf. After revolving he his new awesomeness and some nookie with Bobbie Jo, Bubba realizes while his deal with the devil was a win everyone else who signed up for soul exchange got hosed.

With his drinking bud in trouble, Bubba decides to confront Satan for an epic backwoods showdown.

As I stated before, its not the most sophisticated plot. Bubba, isn’t meant to be smart it’s meant to be fun. Based off Mitch Hyman’s (who also plays satan in the film) underground comic, Bubba stays true to its sophomoric exploitive roots and doesn’t look back. Director Brendan Jackson Rogers and writer Stephen Biro know the audience of a film like this and gifted wrapped it for us. Bubba is far from perfect, almost every low-budget film is, but what they lack in funds they make up in heart. Bubba (Fred Lass) and Bobbie Jo (Malone Thomas) are a freaking ‘Merica love story, man.

Bubba the Redneck Werewolf is a hoot’nanny of lovable characters, unreasonable gore and politically incorrect humor. For me, Bubba won’t be a one and done, it’s gonna take it’s place next to its Canadian counterpart Wolf Cop. And depending on if I’m drinking Blue or Pabst will determine which one I watch.

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