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There is a big knife-shaped fuzzy warm gooey place in my heart for this low-budget slasher flicks. Chocolates? Nope. Give this guys some mindless violence, naive characters and devoted killer and I’m all yours.

Watching All Through The House, I keep wanting Rhonda Sheer to interrupt every 15 mins some silly antics and a commercial for Duckman. Yes, I’m dating myself, but All Through The House is exactly the type of film that would’ve appeared on USA Up All Night in the early 90’s. Writer/director Todd Nunes and his cast fully embrace it!

All Through The House, won’t stun you with twists, wow you with effects or mesmerize you with performances, but it delivers some great looking kills, and some nice eye candy. All Through The House embraces the B movie charms with gusto…it know what it is and what it isn’t.

The downside of B movie charm is lack of production budget, bad lighting, wonky score, questionable editing and flat performances. I would never accuse the makers of not giving it there all, no, they are simple working with the best they have. The lack of this or that is one of the reason we love these movies anyways.

Centered around a killer dressed as Old Saint Nick who really dislikes people about to fornicate or shower, All Through The House borrows heavily from Silent Night, Deadly Night and Christmas Evil. There’s some Psycho elements at play also, especially in the back story, but honestly it’s not that important. We don’t watch these films for story we watch them for carnage. In this department All Through The House does well a lot. Lots of blood.

As the cast goes it’s mostly unknowns, but B-Movie Scream Queen Jessica Cameron pops up in the pre opening credit scene. It’s a nice touch and really sets to the mood for the rest of the flick. Ashley Mary Nunes gets the job as the last girl and does the most she can with the roll.

All Through The House, sadly, won’t be the next horror yule log classic but will find an audience. For me, while I loved the B Movie aspects the story just didn’t stand out enough to be special. That said I dug the gore and give the filmmakers props for going all in on an 80’s style slasher.

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