Review: All Girls Weekend

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All Girls Weekend-no that wasn’t the working title from the new Ghostbusters reboot-it’s new straight to VOD turd from UnCorked.

Sorry I don’t usually go negative in my reviews, especially with small budgets projects, but I can’t find anything I liked in this film expect the end. And the only thing I enjoyed about that was it was over and I didn’t have subject my eyes to this travesty any longer.

Seriously, I considered bleaching met pupils after. Where is that mind erase do-hickey from Men In Black? Scientists get on it that! ASAP!

All Girls Weekend has a decent but over used premise; 5 chicks get lost in the woods while exploring a potential haunted abandoned dwelling. I can get on board with that. Like I said, it’s generic but an ok set up to a horror flick.

I won’t get anymore stories, because it’s so unimportant. Why? Because you’ll never get past for first twenty minutes…this dumpster fire reaks that bad. I can’t find one thing in All Girls Weekend that didn’t suck. Acting? the background trees in a 7th grade musical are more believable than the five female leads. Script? Was obviously written by a refugee new to the USA, didn’t know English, or complete sentences , and thought writing a movie would better than driving a cab. Direction? I hope there wasn’t a director on this, that would explain whys it’s so terrible. The producers would’ve got a better product if turned a go-pro on and tossed it back and forth for 90 mins. –that would’ve been a more compelling feature.

I can not stress enough how much I disliked this film. For the most part, I’ve been happy with UnCorked’s releases, sure they’re lower budget, but there’s nothing redeemable about All Girls Weekend. Heck, in a number of scenes there’s a poster of the film hanging up on the wall–really guys!

The only reason this film gets 10% is because it was made, it’s like signing your name on a test. 10%

Do anything else rather than rent this.