Review: Afterlife With Archie #8

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Duff here…

Picking up after the death (or murder) of Jason Blossom, we find the survivors of Riverdale nestled at The Bradbury Hotel in Vermont during a very solemn Christmas Eve. Archie, feeling the grasp of leadership strangle him, is consoled by the spirit of Jugghead. Paying homage to the classic Kubrick scene from “The Shinning”, Archie, for first time, confides in his ‘ole dead friend what he really thinks about the gangs chances. He also relates the story of Jason’s death, and the strain of trusting Cheryl, now Blaze, again.

Later, as the group tries to regain some normalcy of the Holiday, while singing songs, Archie’s mother recalls an old tale–a tale of devilish beginnings–one that might hold the secret to their current dilemma.

No Spoilers!

Francesco Francavilla’s art continues to mesmerize, and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa narrative is again top notch. Though still hard to believe, but getting much easier to say, Afterlife With Archie continues to be the best horror title on the market. There is a richness in the details that is unseen in too many books–even very good ones, Afterlife With Archie might not be just best horror related comic, but it might be king of the comics right now.

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