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By Crum!

Dynamite and Dark Horse wrap up their second of two 4 issue miniseries featuring The Barbarian from Cimmerians and the Swordsress Red Head this week, and once again it’s a mainly gratifying dish.

It’s tough to judge these chewy pulp outings like this, because they are so over the top and downright fun. Conan and Red Sonja, for me are always a reliable snack because I know the story will be entertaining, the art fitting to its pulp nature –it’s like the Snickers of comics–always satisfying even if you’ve had a few hundred before.

Hmm, lots of food metaphors–cold pizza in the fridge–never mind. Back to the matter at hand…

Scribe Victor Gischler walks tall in the metal and wizard waters, his voice echo’s Howards soundly throughout. Even when Conan sounds repetitive, which is hard not to do, Gischler makes it entertaining. His take on Red Sonja is pretty straightforward, it’s not the Gail Simone by any means, which is ok with me. Simone is great writer don’t get me wrong, but in this miniseries setting I want my mercs to get down to business and kill stuff! Gischler excels at violence and for that I’m grateful… there’s no shortage of action in this book.


Roberto Castro’s take on Conan and Red Sonja are terrific, honestly there is this late 70’s-early80’s vibe reminiscent of Marvel’s ‘ole Conan the Barbarian series. Big muscles, big boobs, and big adventure! Hey, it’s not PC,I know. But should Conan ever be PC, I ask.

Is this Conan and Red Sonja’s finest outing together? No, far from it. Is it entertaining, full of larger than life characters on the verge of peril? Yes, it’s clearly that.

RSVol3-Cov-60LB-TconBonus: If you’re in the mood for a further Red Sonja exploit this week pick up Gail Simone and Walter Geovani’s superb run in RED SONJA VOL. 3: THE FORGIVING OF MONSTERS TRADE PAPERBACK. You won’t be disappointed!

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