Red Band Trailer For Matt Johnson’s The Dirties

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Matt Johnson’s The Dirties is getting a hell of a lot of buzz. Mostly positive too, which is saying a lot considering that the movie follows two teens as they plot a school shooting. It’s a touchy subject and I know a lot of people feel strongly regarding it. Adding to the realism of it all this flick is done faux documentary style. Something tells me that it’s handled in a respectful manner.Kevin Smith went as far to says ” It’s the most important movie you will see all year.”. Might be why the man is distributing it through his Movie Club company. Between Smith and Phase 4 The Dirties hits VOD Oct 4th. Director/Writer Matt Johnson also co star along with Owen Williams. Check out the red band trailer below and this one might be worth checking out.

PLOT: Matt and Owen are best friends who live in a world of endless movie references and hijinks. It would be perfect, if not for the cruel bullies at their high school who make their lives hell. While working on a movie for class, the lines between fiction and reality blur together in this horrifying look at high school bullying.