Recap: WALKING DEAD 5:9!!!!

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Super Bowl Sunday…. Daytona 500….. for some of us, there is ONLY one Sunday that matters…. The return of The Walking Dead! And that is saying a lot for me, being a self proclaimed sports junkie. But, since hockey is my favorite sport of choice, I will take The Walking Dead over the Super Bowl and Daytona 500, any day!

The Mid-Season return is here and I am so excite….. I am so ex….. I’m a…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………

Artsy – Fartsy, Fancy – Shmancy, call it what you want…. THE DAMN THING WAS BORING! Come on Walking Dead, how do you throw that at us, after the amazing Mid-Season Break, episode 8? Now I am sorry, I know I am going to get some die-hard Walkers who will hate me for this, who believe that every episode is worth an Emmy, but NOPE…. Not this one! I have spoken with some people, since the episode aired, and have found a few who enjoyed it, so I know it struck a chord with some. But you can’t leave us waiting for the return, build it up with so much promotional hype, and then deliver a slow moving, almost to the point of annoying, episode.

YES… I hear you screaming at me…. “BUT, WHAT ABOUT TYREESE”? And you are right, losing Tyreese was sad. If there is one thing The Walking Dead has proven to us over the years, It’s NOT afraid to kill off main players, at any time. But, let’s be honest, Tyreese…. He was a bit of a pansy. For a man who was built like an NFL linesman, he always seemed to have that scared little child side of him, and we all know that in the Zombie Apocalypse, you can’t have that side anymore.

So… how does one recover from an epic, mid-season return letdown? Watch re-runs, of course! AMC, for the past two weekends leading up, have been running every episode from the beginning. Right there on my DVR sits, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, and the first half of Season 5, in all their glory. And, I am happy to announce, we have added a converted Walker to our midst. My Fiancé is officially hooked, and we are watching every episode, up to the present. Last night we just finished Season 2, and tonight we are about to embark on the prison, and Season 3. Let me recommend to all of you, if you have not done this yet, allow yourself the time to go back and watch all the episodes from the beginning, you won’t be sorry! It really has been fascinating to go back and see where some of the remaining characters first started, and to truly see the battle of keeping their humanity alive, and to know it all slowly slips away or re-worked to fit the new Zombie filled world. It will be worth your time to go back and reconnect from those first days of Rick fleeing the hospital, and riding a bicycle in his hospital gown…. YUP, cinema gold!

Here’s to hoping next Sunday brings an episode worthy of The Walking Dead. But until then, I shall lose myself in The Walking Dead past, with my Fiancé, and enjoy seeing old Walking Dead friends alive again, even if it’s just for a little while.

Walk on WALKERS, and I will see you back here next week for another review of THE WALKING DEAD!

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