Preview: The Fitzroy from Dead Canary Comics

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Our talented friends from across the pond at Dead Canary Comics wanted us to share this with ya’ all. Their latest project is a movie tie called The Fitzroy. Set in an alternated 1950’s London, the known world has been ravished by un known disaster, and is now covered in a toxic gas, despite the poisonous environment the people of London keep calm and carry on, living as normal life as possible. The film takes place on The Fitzroy hotel, an run-down sub that now serves as the only vacation spot in the UK. It’s billed as a horror-comedy-sci-fi-romance.

The Fitzroy comic is told as a 6 part anthology. In fact, each reviewer was sent a different part, SJP received “The Can”. Draw in stark black and white, “The Can” tells the story of a gas mask wearing boy playing a game of kick the can with himself amongst abandoned buildings and empty streets. His game is interrupted a group of older boys, one appears to have been exposed the toxins, and is grotesquely deformed. They quickly give chase armed with bats…

No spoilers. Sorry.

I can tell you it was enough to wet my appetite. It’s a very interesting world, and I can only imagine the great characters that could be populating it (see below). Plus, I love the black and white, it gives it a cool retro-feel.

The Fitzroy is available Nov. 20th via the Dead Canary Comics website:

Here is the link to the flim’s site: It looks fun as well.


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