Press Release: Junko Mizuno: Ravina the Witch?

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Okay everyone, I’m a little bit behind on press releases, but since school just let out this week, I’m back in full force. So lets kick this off with a beautiful look at Titan Comics and Junko Mizuno’s: Ravina the Witch?




Ravina the Witch, from the supremely talented visual artist Junko Mizuno, is a dark, fantastical illustrated tale featuring talking animals, giant birds and dancing mushrooms. When Ravina is given a magic wand by a mysterious old woman, she turns from a lonely girl living in a dump… into a witch?
So from what we can tell, it’s gothic modern fairy-tale inspired by folk legends and the work of the Brothers Grimm and Han Christian Andersen! So perfect for those people who like Tim Burton, Emily the Strange, Lenore and the work of Becky Cloonan, and I can see why…look at this art work.
Junko Mizuno’s: Ravina The Witch? Hits stores next year! But you can preorder now!