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Duff here…

Have you seen the Power/Rangers fan film that is breaking the inter web right now? No. What are you doing that’s keeping you from it? Work? Girlfriend? School?


This 14 min dark stylized sci-fi interpretation of the beloved 90’s property has enough brain splattering head shot kills to even make John Wick forget about that dog of his for a second.

I was not morphing to the rangers like so many kids were in the mid 90’s, just too old. My brother, (Billy with News Headlines on Obi Wan’s Beard), on the other hand didn’t miss an episode. There was just too much over dubbing and foam suits for me. Those stupid toys were everywhere though, right?

This short from the minds of music video director Joseph Khan (MUSE, Taylor Swift) and Dredd producer Adi Shankar is dark and gristly. Very similar atmosphere to Dredd actually. Trading in the cheese for solid bloody action it’s ridiculously fun. James Van Der Beek and Katee Sackhoff star. Van Der Beek proves once again he’s a solid actor who’s not afraid of having some fun.

Rumors have it there is a reboot on the way for the Power Rangers, I don’t will go to the NSFW level, but here’s to hoping!