PODCAST #72: Afflicted Stars/Directors Clif Prowse & Derek Lee

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In this episode the stars/directors/writers/all-around-cool-guys of Afflicted Derek Lee and Clif Prowse call in. The discuss everything from filming in Europe to creating the most epic vomit scene in film history. Afflicted is available today on VOD and select theaters (CLICK HERE for a list of theaters). The guys also give their most anticipated summer flicks. SPOILER ALERT: Pat’s is not so much a summer release as it is a Walmart 5 dollar bin release! They also give you the latest in the world of nerd news, such as, but not limited to: Plot details for MTV’s Scream the series are revealed, The Fantastic Four reboot finds its Dr.Doom and All Cheerleaders Die gets a release. All this and so much more. Listen below or search Slack Jaw Punks in iTunes!