PODCAST #134: Bloody Knuckles Director, Matthew O’Mahoney!!

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In this episode Matthew O’Mahoney the director of severed hand gone wild, splatter comedy Bloody Knuckles, calls in! Matthew gives us the rundown on making the flick, the glory days of VHS trading and 80’s multiracial gangs. Bloody Knuckles is available on DVD/Blu Ray courtesy of Artsploitation Films. James May drops by the studio and gives us an update of his comic  The Interactive Comic, check it out! The guys review Eli Roth’s  Knock, Knock and the acting torpedo that is Keanu Reeves as our Movie of the Week. The guys break down Ash Vs Evil Dead and how amazing spectaculous (so good I had to make up a word!).  The guys also give their respects to horror legend Gunnar Hansen (AKA Leatherface) who passes this past week. The guys wrap this all up with their favorite siblings in films! All this and so much more! Listen below or on iTunes or Stitcher.


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