Pizza Huts Crazy Cheese Crust

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            One of the greatest things about pizza is that even when it’s bad, it’s still good. However, like all things, there are exceptions to the rule and I’m sad to say I’ve come across such a pizza. That’s right, Pizza Huts new crazy cheese crust pizza. I mean how could you go wrong? It’s a little bowl of gooey melted cheese as your crust, and we all loved their stuffed crust pizza right?  I was so excited to try when I saw the ad for the pizza because of the reasons stated above. In addition, Pizza Hut is never afraid to go outside their normal boundaries of pizza, especially with past products like hot dog stuffed crust and cream cheese stuffed crust. However, my excitement went to disappointment faster than I can change from dress clothes to sweat pants on Thanksgiving.

            Opening the box it smells of garlic butter, pepperoni and the sight of cheesy goodness is everywhere. However, there is one big noticeable difference, its shape. The pizza looks like a child’s drawing of a daisy. What Pizza Hut did was roll the crust portion of their crust out to be thinner only to crimp it in the middle. This gives each slice a heart shape with cheesy filled lobes. It wasn’t until I picked upon the slice did the true disappointment hit. As I lifted the slice it went limp.  This was a huge bummer because one of Pizza Huts greatest trademarks is their crunch buttery crust. This friends, was a soggy greasy mess. Oh my God was this pizza greasy mess. And I’ll be damned if I have to eat pizza with a fork and knife. The only time that is acceptable is if you’re eating a Chicago style pizza or if you’re a little kid and this was neither of them. 

To top it off the toppings slid right off the soggy bent slice. So I was left holding a piece of soggy limp bread with sauce and two pools of cheese. Well at least I have the cheese right? Even though it was generous amount of cheese, it was just that. A slightly salty solidified puck of cheese that was hard to muscle down by itself. Each piece followed suit as the first. And don’t think you can circumvent this problem by just pulling the cheese pools off like you see in the commercials. No, it’s not that simple. Doing so will just causes more problems, leaving you with just a soggy greasy limp piece of pizza with nowhere to hold it cleanly. This pizza was very disappointing and I wouldn’t even recommend it as a novelty.  You would be better off just ordering a regular hand tossed with an order of cheese bread and placing cheese bread on top of the crust. This will give you the same effect but won’t compromise the structural integrity of the pizza.  This was a rare miss from Pizza Hut in my book. But kudos to them for always trying to come up with new products and I look forward to their next attempt but until then I’m sticking with a p’zone.