Pipers Motor City Comic Con Panel Review: Podcast Panel

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Hey guys! We know we are late on media coverage, forgive us! But here is Pipers review of the Podcast panel!


The podcast panel was a fun panel to listen to. The panel was hosted by Derek Becker of the Comic Pros and Cons Podcast and featured Jason Clark of the Elegant Weapon Podcast, Jimmy McKnight of the Ninja Starship Podcast, Devin Foether of Source Point Press and Ming Chen and Michael Zapcic of Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men show. They asked the audience the purpose of making a podcast and why one would want to make one. Devin talked about making his from watching his friends podcasts and became a part of those. Michael talked about how his unexpected paring up with Ming for a show suddenly became popular and brought more shows from that and how he jokingly said its done out of spite now. Ming also joked about how podcasting became “free therapy” and how he can say whatever he likes. Jimmy compared making his to forming a band and how one person could make a podcast instead of having multiple people. Jason discussed how he was influenced as a fan of podcasting from Kevin Smith and Chris Hardwick and that he made his podcast on a phone with a friend in his basement.

The topic shifted to different roles of a podcast show and knowing your goals, such as what would a person want their show be about? Michael pointed out that many people just want to be heard and that podcasting was a great way of doing it, regardless of technical expertise and to never doubt yourself when doing it. A lot of people may doubt you but a lot more will believe in you more then you do in yourself. The panelists discussed how much fun they have with doing their respective podcasts and how networking is so important. Derek talked about how Twitter is a great tool to connect with others and to promote your show.

The panel become open to questions later on and the panelists dove in to some technical aspects of podcasting such as RSS Feeds and why they are needed to distribute to the internet as well as gear. Derek gave the example using a Blue Yeti mic for his show and recording in his walk in closet. He also discussed making a website. The panelists also talked about how the commonly used audio program in podcasting was Audacity. Another topic was focusing on what the show is about and not chase numbers, its important to put out good content.

The panel ended on such a high note. The panelists had made it a point to be positive and to be yourself during your show. The important part of having a show is the audience who listens to your show.