NIghtBreed: The Cabal Cut Release Info!

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Fresh out of the oven news! With the fresh baked smell in the air news has just dropped from the San Diego Comic Con The Scream Factory has closed a deal to release Clive Barkers Nightbreed : The Cabal Cut. The film has been making the rounds at film festivals and private screenings however, it’s on its way to your home in the very near future. Scream Factory stressed that it’s going to take some time to restore the original and update it to blu ray. Just like the infomercial streeses but wait there’s more! Yes indeed there is. And this horror fan couldn’t be any happier to let you know that blu ray releases for the 2013-2014 year will include Assault on Precinct 13, Sam Raimi’s Darkman, Saturn 3, Eve of Destruction and Paul Schrader’s Cat People. No hard release dates have been given but we will keep you up to date with all the latest information as soon as it comes it.

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