New Trailer For Comic Book Porcelian: A Gothic Fairy Tale

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This little gem fell into my lap the other day and I almost over looked it. Looks like an interesting read and I will definitely be giving it a read come July. Scope the trailer below and keep checking back here for updates.

“Written  by  Benjamin  Read,  illustrated  by  Chris  Wildgoose,  coloured  by  André  May,  and   lettered  by  Jim  Campbell,  Porcelain  is  set  within  a  world  that’s  a  darkly  magical  echo  of   our  own.  It  follows  the  story  of  a  street  urchin,  known  as  Child,  who  leaves  the  cold   streets  of  a  snowy  city  behind  when  she  climbs  the  high  wall  into  the  Porcelain  Maker’s   secret  garden  in  a  bid  to  steal  whatever  she  can.     The  Porcelain  Maker  discovers  Child  trespassing  but,  amused  by  her  audacity,  he  offers   her  the  chance  to  stay.  He’s  a  lonely  man,  kept  company  only  by  his  alchemically-­‐ powered  automata,  and  he  and  Child  form  an  unlikely  friendship.  
  Shut  off  from  the  world  beyond  the  wall,  Child  wants  or  needs  for  nothing  as  the   Porcelain  Maker  heaps  affection  and  luxury  upon  her,  indulging  her  like  a  daughter.  In   return,  she  can  do  as  she  pleases,  except  for  one  command,  one  rule  that  must  never  be   broken,  she  must  not  look  behind  the  workshop  door. ”