New Pop Vinyl Preview Release: RELEASE THE RANCOR!

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So everyone I’m addicted to Pop Vinyls, absolutely love them…if Comics and Pop Vinyls weren’t my addiction I’d probably be on drugs, but I’m not. Anyway, theres a new Pop Vinyl coming out that is sweet and awesome all rolled into one little ball!

FREAKING RANCOR THREE PACK! It comes with Luke, and Oola and of course THE FREAKING RANCOR! Yeah know that thing that Luke fights and beats the crap out of in Jabbas palace? Yeah that thing! Freaking sweet!!!! This is perfect for people who are addicted to Star Wars, Pop Vinyls and crack!

Look at this fucker!:



He’s beautiful and majestic!

You can pre-order him now by going to:


GO GET HIM NOW…I want one…

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