Mythica’s Melanie Stone, Plus Adam Johnson & Maclain Nelson from Dudes & Dragons! Obi Wan’s Beard Epi. 23

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On this episode of Obi Wan’s Beard:

Duff interviews actress Melanie Stone about her role as Marek in the fantasy indie Mythica saga. Melanie talks about her desire to play Dungeons & Dragons with Vin Deisel. Also Duff asks her about where he can get leather pants like they wear in the film.


Melanie’s Mythica co-star Adam Johnson along with actor/director Maclain Nelson chat up their new flick Dudes & Dragons. Adam and Maclain discuss the highs of indie film making and reminiscence about 80’s films.

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Mythica : The Darkspore

Referred to by many on the internet as the B-movie answer to Lord of the Rings, Mythica: The Darkspore is part two of a five-part fantasy saga. I think the metaphor is a bit unjust. Sure, Mythica doesn’t have a $200 million dollar budget, but it’s not really trying to be either. For me, I find a comparison to Xena is better suited. Not only in budget but also in tone.

The series so far, not only been well acted but well-directed and written. You usually don’t find that combo in indie fantasy flicks. Utah’s locations really add to the franchise, creating a wonderful world that you actually believe in. Not just some computer magic.

When I first sat down to watch these, I had my reservations but those soon subsided. Our four heroes, ( Melanie Stone, Adam Johnson, Jake Stormoen, Nicola Posener), not just have a great chemistry, but are interesting enough to pay attention to. It’s this core group that make it worth watching. Veteran TV actor Kevin Sorbo pops up every now and then as a wizard training Melanie Stone’s character.

If you dig the fantasy genre or rolling dice—give Mythica a spin. I think you’ll like it. On DVD and VOD right now.

Dudes & Dragons

D&D is an homage to the classic 80’s films like Beastmaster, Dragonslayer, and other sword-tastic films of the era. What D&D lacks in budget, it makes up for in heart and fun. Believe me, this is not the film the title promotes. Dudes & Dragons is kinda misleading…if you’re thinking this is the Scary Movie send up of Lord of the Rings you’re mistaken. While there are some spoof aspects (lots of Star Wars parody), the story doesn’t rely on them for laughs. Honestly, it most reminded me of TV’s Galavant without the signing of course.

The cast is sold and you can tell there is a familiarity among them. Buffy and Angel vet James Marsters might have the best lines in the flick, but the rest of the cast keeps up. Co-leads Johnson and Nelson are extremely likable, (listen to the podcast to see for yourself), and the banter between the two steals the show.

The special effects aren’t great, not bad, very Syfy channel like, but hey you don’t rent a flick called Dudes & Dragons expecting ILM. D&D is filmed entirely on a green screen, not my fav, but after the first 10-15 minutes I got use to it.

If you want something light on the brain with some laughs, Dudes & Dragons is a solid pick. On DVD and VOD now.

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