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Today, THE RISE OF THE SYNTHS Companion EP Vol. 1 was released on Bandcamp. For just $6, you’re treated to seven brand new tracks from some of the top artists in the genre. The question though, is it any good? Hell yeah, it is! This is some release with throwaway tracks, this thing rocks in every conceivable way possible. Each song has its own flavor, ranging from the slow and dark to manic hysteria.

The album begins with Giorgio Moroder & Raney Shockne’s “Triage”. This track is a fitting opener, a slow blissful journey that builds into a synth dream. The closest you get to any vocals on this album is the female chanting you hear before the song grows bigger in scope and leads us into…

Carpenter Brut’s “Night Stalker”, a totally badass and heavy trip into a violent dystopian future. This is one of the top tracks on the EP for me. Dance with the Dead has provided “Dead of Night” which is one of those great songs that plays heavy on the synthesizer only to build itself into a pulsating dance number with heavy guitars and a thumping drum beat. “Rebar (Prologue)” to me, feels like OGRE has summoned his inner John Carpenter and is paying homage to the main title theme from ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, a really cool track. When a song is called “A Hero’s Journey”, you might not exactly plan on taking the journey but if you close your eyes and let yourself go, Lazerhawk will take you to a land far away as a hero struggles to become victorious.

Mega Drive delivers the track “Stargate”, similar in style to the Dance with the Dead track, it hits you in just the right spot, you can easily imagine hearing this at the end of a sci-fi film, leading you into the end credits. The final song on the collection is Voyag3r’s “Appearance of the Mysterious Traveler” and this track is amazing! If you have followed Voyag3r at all, this song (which is over seven minutes long) not only delivers what you would expect from the trio but also takes their sound into a far more progressive direction and it all fits together perfectly.

This entire album is a win, a perfect collection of some staggering music that will leave you wanting more. Just think, the second volume will be released soon and we can fill our heads with more synth sounds to help elevate us into the next dimension.

Available on all other digital platforms on May 12.

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