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Every decision I have made in my life, good or bad, has led me to the point where I can review a movie titled WolfCop. A title which instantly brings to mind an accurate idea about what the movie involves: A police officer who also happens to be wolf. Some of us might try to be smug and say, “Well a couple of years back Scorsese released a flick call Wolves of Wall Street and I didn’t imagine a pack of wolfmen running around NYC in 3 piece suits trading stocks.” And to that I respond with, ” You are a goddamned liar!”  That is exactly what I thought and was grossly disappointed to find out  Scorsese didn’t have the balls to include even a hint of lycanthrophy. Ole’ Marty is getting soft in his old age. But I digress, WolfCop is either proof that what I have been doing with my life has paid off or every choice I’ve made has been some sick inside joke between God and The Devil.


Lou (Leo Farfard) is a depressed alcoholic, who doesn’t have enough self-respect to defend himself when the locals make fun of him right to his face. He also happens to be police officer. Fortunately, he cares more about where/when he’s getting his next drink than anything that’s happening in his town. That is until one drunken night Lou is abducted by a pagan cult and ever since things have been… hairy (Hey Oh!!!).  Bad puns aside, Lou can transform into a werewolf, but there is a twist: Lou’s alcoholism allows him to control the beast and for whatever reason, Lou decides to use these new-found powers to do his job. And as you can imagine wacky werewolf antics ensue!

I have a bizarre love/hate relationship with WolfCop that all started with the trailer. The trailer presents a fun, over the top, throw back genre flick, that promises a good time. And for the most it delivers just that. The plot is silly (what more do you expect from a movie called WolfCop), the acting is uneven and the gore is gratuitous. All expected for a this caliber and all things I can overlook (hell, most of the time I fully embrace…)many times before in the past. Director Lowell Dean, fully embraces these short comings and doesn’t shy away from them. Most of the time this can work for B-movies. Sadly, it is greatly uneven here. Towards the end of the movie the special effects and acting become so bad they stop being quaint and fun and just start being distracting from the story. And to distract from a story that features werewolves, pagan cults, shape shifters and shit load of gore that’s saying a lot.


All that said once the WolfCop shows movie delivers exactly what it promises: Batshit crazy werewolf chaos. The first transformation into the titular character is the most memorable onscreen human to werewolf metamorphosis ever. Have you ever wondered why traditionally Wolfman wore pants? WolfCop doesn’t just answer this age-old question (Wolfman’s got nards!) they showcase it up close and personal. Once they WolfCop hits the screen the fur starts to fly and we get a ton of old school, practical effects that would make Peter Jackson proud.  Too bad everything leading up to and everything that followed pales in comparison.

Canucksploitation (Exploitation films that are made in Canada) has produce some of the best genre movies in the last couple years. Jason Eisner’s Hobo With a Shotgun and Astron 6’s Father’s Day and soon to be released The Editor, are fantastic genre movies that don’t just try to pay homage to the tongue in cheek B-movies of yesteryear (although they totally do), but actually hold up as fantastic genre films. WolfCop (made up in the Great White North) doesn’t hold up when compared to these flicks, but that doesn’t mean it’s terrible. Most likely this audience are the people looking for something to watch in between Eisner and Astron-6’s next releases. And for that WolfCop works perfectly.



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