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“We’ll Never Have Paris” is a charming film hatched from the talented married duo of Simon Helberg and Jocelyn Towne. Inspired by they’re courtship, this romantic comedy contains not only hardy laughs, but a vulnerability left unexplored by most films in the genre. “We’ll Never Have Paris” romances it’s way into theaters and VOD this January 23rd.

A delightful union of Woody Allen neurosis and the kinetic energy of early Nic Cage, Helberg’s Quinn is a likable mess of a man. Despite being in a devoted, nurturing, stable relationship with Devon, (the always funny Melanie Lynskey), for several years, Quinn continues to drag his feet with a marriage proposal. As soon as he works up the stones to put a ring on it, his world’s axis get knocked a kilter by blonde hair and long legs in the form of Maggie Grace. Kelsey, (Maggie Grace), despite working together and knowing each other for years, decides that on the eve of Quinn’s proposal to Devon, this is the best moment to tell Quinn she loves him. Possessing this knowledge and self doubt, Quinn makes his Sophie’s choice: Devon, the girl I want to marry or Kelsey, the girl my mother told me to stay away from.

WNHParis_Poster (1)Quinn is resistant to common sense and roll the dice with Kelsey, effectively destroying his relationship with Devon. If the one consent in his life gone, Quinn on the advice of his friend (Zachary Quinto) seeks to find his bearings. Despite filling his head with wonderful memories of New Yorks’s Dutch country, and a one night stand with a former schoolmate, Quinn is completely lost without Devon.

Devon, meanwhile has taken the split more maturely. With nothing to lose, she decides to move to Paris, where she has family. Once Quinn unearths this, he is off to win back the heart of Devon.

This humble writer won’t spoil anything for you, but I will tell you it’s very funny. The Paris portion of the fill provides Helberg a chance to really stretch his range as an actor. He’s more than a Rolodex of one liners; this character is not Wolowitz from the “Big Bang Theory”. Lynskey isn’t given as much as Helberg to do, but her performance is natural and flawless. She’s a very unappreciated actress.

A huge reason why this film works is because of it’s supporting cast. Helberg and Lynskey have great chemistry and the relationship is believable, but in any good rom-com the characters outside the main relationship have to gel. For your sake they do!

Alfred Molina as Quinn’s eye doctor is a real delight in the few scenes he’s in, as is Judith Light as Devon’s mother. Maggie Grace nails the ditzy, over hyped girl of Quinn’s dreams. Jason Ritter is always fun, and though, only on screen for a few moments is solid. Zachary Quinto steals every scene he’s in, if not his acting, his characters’ wardrobe. He compliments Quinn’s awkwardness with a crisp coolness.

“We’ll Never Have Paris” defiantly goes on the highlight reel of romantic comedies. It’s a generally sweet film, filled with solid performances, but manages to present real issues that confront couples with maturity. Helberg defiantly takes a large step here with writing, co-directoring, and starring in the this film. I”ll be keeping tabs on what he does next for sure. “We’ll Never Have Paris” is to a perfect film, but any means, but it contains enough perfect scenes to to make it very good film. It lends itself to well to anyone looking for love, in love, fallen out of love, or trying to win love back…which pretty much covers us all right?

It’s on VOD January 23rd, rent it’ll, I think you’ll like it.


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