MOVIE REVIEW: Weapon of Choice

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Jack Lee (Jino Kang) is a retired assassin who is trying to take things a bit simpler. He’s devoted his time to raising a beautiful “daughter” named Jamie (Kelly Lou Dennis) and life is grand, or so he thought. It’s not easy to just up and leave the life, especially when you’re dealing with a guy like Banducci (Douglas Olssen). He wants Jack back in the business so he kidnaps Jamie. With a pile of bodies left in his house, detective Ashlee Jordan (Katherine Celio) is brought on to the case. She thinks Jack is bad guy and goes on the hunt. When the two finally meet she quickly realizes that Jack is one of the good guys. Banducci and his men are right on their tales so the two of them will have to team up if they want to save Jamie and finally eliminate the crime syndicate once and for all.

WEAPON OF CHOICE (also known as FIST 2 FIST 2) is Jino Kang’s most recent project and by far his most polished on every level. Another thing I really admire about Jino is the fact he strives to one up himself on every film. He never repeats himself and watching the three films back to back you will see a progression in everything. From film to film the acting gets better, the cinematography gets better, the directing gets better, and the editing gets better. As far as the action goes, it’s great in all three films but what I’ve noticed is just how different the fight scenes are in each film, even his style of fighting is different. This helps to show just how well rounded Jino is as a fighter and as a filmmaker. The final fifteen minutes are straight-up brutal and he lays waste to a couple of dozen men. Jino isn’t the only person to take the spotlight, there’s some pretty great action scenes created to showcase both Katherine Celio and Kelly Lou Dennis. He co-directed the film with Tony Urgo and the two made a terrific team. I have loved each and every one of Jino’s films and each for different reasons. WEAPON OF CHOICE is his biggest endeavor to date and it just keeps proving what I have been telling you over and over, Jino Kang is AMAZING! He really is and I’m excited to see what’s next on his agenda.

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