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On May 10, 1984, an album was released which would change the face of rock and roll. The album was titled STAY HUNGRY and it shot Twisted Sister into superstardom. Since its release, the album has gone on to sell more than five million copies. Videos for songs “I Wanna Rock” and “We’re Not Gonna Take It” became staples of MTV during the 80’s and the band was on top of the world. Twisted Sister was no over night success. Having formed in 1976, it would take them six years before releasing their first album. Even though the band was fully committed to becoming successful, it most certainly was not an overnight one. For years, they would dedicate themselves to perfecting their craft and giving 100% every single night until their hard work would finally pay off. The story of WE ARE TWISTED FUCKING SISTER is not about their success, not about their superstardom, it’s about their roots, their humble beginnings. It’s a about how this little rock band from New Jersey and how they worked to become the hottest band in America.

Rockumentaries usually gloss over the bands beginning then focus on their fame or how they try to recapture it. This particular film ignores the fame and instead focuses on all the hard work Twisted Sister would put into becoming successful. They share stories from the road and from the small stages of the clubs in New Jersey during the late seventies. There’s some great pictures shown from an era long gone but even better is the early performance footage. The tales they tell of how they held vomiting contests, or having fans destroy clubs is crazy but the evidence is there. They were madmen on stage and they did it sober. Which brings me to Dee Snider.

Dee is a unique individual and breaks all stereotypes of what people perceive rock stars to be. He’s highly intelligent, well spoken, never drank or did drugs, and still, to this day with the woman he met long before becoming famous. His marriage is one to envy and knowing they stuck together through the rise, the triumph, and the fall just goes to show how powerful love can be.

There are interviews with all the members of the band, Jay Jay French, Mark Mendoza, Eddie Ojeda, the late A.J. Pero as well as members of the band who had long retired. They all played major parts in the history of the band and it’s all represented. At a staggering two hours and twenty minutes, it almost never feels “too” long. In fact, there’s so much story and history, there really could (and should) be a sequel just in order to finish telling the true tale of a band record labels hated but they proved them all wrong and became the hottest band in the world.